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Team Namo Anand is delighted to offer free pick up service for lifting paper waste generated/ available at end consumer side/ businesses/ corporates/ educational institutions. Our pickup facility is to spread awareness on enhancing involvement in this social cause and it is subjected to following terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions of pickup

  • Minimum paper waste quantity 100kg required
  • Currently pickup paper waste service is available in selected franchise locations only
  • Pickup service shall be executed during working days and working business hours only
  • Our representative picking up paper waste shall do electronic weighing scale based weight of paper waste – this shall be treated as full and final
  • Paper waste not counted items – hard covers of books/ register/ notebooks
  • Please make sure to collect paper slip marking your given weight and availed brand new stationery availed to you
  • In case if you donating paper waste for social cause, please mention same to our representative while giving
  • Paper waste once availed shall not be returned back in any circumstances
  • No money/ sum shall be availed for paper waste collected from you – in turn we shall avail brand new stationery (notebooks/ registers etc.) of equivalent amount for waste given by you (for other than donations)
  • Pick up requests are served on FIFO basis and is subjected to availability of transportation vehicles – mention your convenient time while placing request for ease of execution

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