Why to be our franchise?

Ever thought of practicing your passion, and that passion becomes your profession? A social work that contributes towards environment, along with a great business model. Well you have come to the right place.

Namo Anand is just the beginning of an Organised and Systematic Paper Waste Management Solution with High Value Proposition to its stakeholders and its suppliers in India.

This is due to the fact that India lacks quality education services and stationers which is a growing recurring cost to an average and low class segments pockets. Looking at this Namo Anand has developed a revolutionary concept of providing stationeries to the needy by engaging them in self sustainable and self help project of Anand Notebooks.

  • To Promote Green Environment and prevent depletion of forest cover
  • To promote entrepreneurship and generate jobs through exchange – Cashless Transactions
  • New Avenues to Existing Lacs of Raddiwala (recycled paper Plates)
  • Provide all School, Colleges, Govt offices, Hospitals & Clinics, Coaching & Corporate Institutions with Anand Stationery by collecting paper waste and get branded stationery
  • Unorganized to organized chain-shop and Systematic and Channelized collection
  • Dedicated and experienced network of Promoters focused on Training and Skill Development of every franchise
  • Promoting Cashless transaction
  • High Value Proposition that empowers Education, Nature conservation, contributes to Clean & Green India Mission
  • Not A Single Child should spend Money on Notebooks and bot a Single paper mill should Cut trees to make Paper
  • Unique Concept with immense scope of growth
  • With Absolutely Zero Working Capital
  • India’s pioneer JITO awarded start up in the field of paper waste management
  • Managed by Kothari group, leading business house with experienced and qualified professionals
  • Lower investment and higher returns
  • Simple and attractive returns on investment
  • Proven business model with revenue returns and customer footfalls
  • No higher technical education required to operate - lesser to common educated can also operate easily
  • Social attachment helping environment remain clean and green
  • Ability to sell our fresh notebooks and other products to consumers
  • Very less office space required
  • Free pick up of bulk paper wastes facility for consumers
  • Company transportation for lifting paper waste to factory
  • Local Advertisement support from Company
  • Friendly Online system for placing orders, revenue reports, sales compliances
  • Partner and area focussed activity to enhance collection and revenues
  • Special incentives for Divyang (physically challenged) joining franchises

Be Our Franchise

Bring Old Paper Waste & Get Fresh Green Anand Notebooks in Exchange... Protect Environment... Save Trees Save Nature... Be Eco-Friendly... more